What’s New in Account&See

Key Accounting Features

  • Will work for virtually any business type.
  • Create Sales Invoices - including Estimates and Recurring Bills.
  • Enter your Suppliers' Purchase Invoices.
  • Improve your cashflow with our Debt Collection module.
  • Create your documents on paper, via eMail or PDF file.
  • Keep track of your stock levels with our Inventory Module.
  • The WYSIWYG Invoice Designer allows you to personalise the invoice layout.
  • Start Selling on-line with our PayPal enabled on-line Shop creator.
  • Scan and Print Barcodes which can be included in Product Labels.
  • A vast range of reports giving you critical sales information.
  • Increase Sales by spotting trends and creating targetted mailings.
  • A virtually unlimited number of companies' accounts can be handled by the software.
  • Print Envelopes, Mailing Labels and Mailshots.
  • Free, unlimited Forum, e-Mail and telephone support.
  • A quick start guide and F1 help will have you producing your first invoices in minutes.
  • Professionally typeset User Manual is available for download.
  • 10 years of selling our invoicing program worldwide, with thousands of satisified users.

Download Options

  • If you have not previously downloaded the software, or are moving Account&See to a new computer, download the Full Version (14.3mb)
  • If your current version of the software is less then 3.0.30 (i.e. you do not currently have PDF support) download the PDF Update (8mb)
  • If you already have version 3.0.30 or above (i.e. the software already supports PDF printing), download the standard Upgrade (4.5mb)


Version 3.0.32 released 16th October 2006

With the massive update in 3.0.30 to handle PDF and XP-Style controls, a couple of bugs were created that, although extensively tested, crept through unnoticed. Mainly in the Statement Printing module - if you have been unable to print a Statement, or the Statement only prints on program closure this has now been fixed.

  • If your monitor allows you to run at a resolution of 1152 x 864 pixels or higher, and you expand the invoice creation window to the screen's width, you can optionally place the product selection list permanently on the left hand side of the screen. Products can then be selected by double-clicking an item, or, by holding down the Ctrl Key, you can simply 'drag and drop' your products straight onto the invoice. The product list can be filtered by product group and sorted by product code or product description. However, as with all the windows in the software, you can still run the software with a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600.
  • Weight Based pricing is the standard pricing system used by many carrier, courier and transport firms - for example, you may charge $9.50 for the first 10kg and then $0.50 per kilogram thereafter. This system can be used either by a delivery business to bill their clients, or by mail order businesses to charge the correct carriage on all orders.
  • Customer Price Lists and Price Memory allow you to create specific, individual, price lists for each customer. Whilst these two features offer basically the same function, Customer Price Lists can only be updated within the price list module itself, whereas 'Price Memory' updates the customer's price when price changes are made when creating an invoice.
  • You can now attach a PDF Statement to your e-Mailed statements. As with the PDF invoices, the Statements are created 'on the fly' and will reflect any invoices entered for that customer since the Statement was first created.
  • The envelope printing module now allows you to print 'blank' envelopes with just your own company or organisation's details in the top left hand corner of the chosen envelope size.
  • As the software can handle individual invoicing requirements of many specialised businesses, and has features that will be of little use to many organisations - the creation of on-line shopping websites, assembly products, etc. - you can now select which 'advanced' features you want showing on your version of the software. The initial welcome screen, for new downloads, also disables some of the advanced features, depending upon which business model is chosen, to further reduce the learning curve. If you want to disable/enable features - or cannot see a feature that is mentioned in the manual or helpfile - simply open this window, found under the Program Settings option of the Main Screen's Setup drop down menu.

This update now includes nearly all the invoicing/sales ledger features we originally specified when planning the software in 2004. Our next update, which we are hoping to complete in the next two to three weeks, will greatly enhance the purchase ledger/accounts payable module. After this, the frequency of updates - you may be pleased to note - will reduce significantly. Modules such as multi currency and 'cut down' spreadsheet for cashflow forecasting and data interrogation, will be released, initially, as public beta versions for those interested in such features.


Version 3.0.31 released 1st October 2006

With last week's upgrade to XP Style buttons and controls - which necessitated updating every window of the software - we unfortunately did not spot two, albeit minor, windows that were not displaying properly. This has now been fixed. We have also improved the selection of graphic images and logos in the WYSIWYG invoice editor.


Version 3.0.29 released 29th August 2006

Just one feature for this version - we have added a Sales Trend Monitor to the software. You can select all sales, a particular product or customer etc. and compare net sales for the following periods:

  • Past Seven Days - compared to the previous seven days' sales, the same seven days last year and against the average sales made in a seven day period.
  • Past Thirty Days - compared to the previous thirty days' sales, the same thirty days a year ago and also against an average thirty days' sales.
  • Past Ninety Days - as with the above two examples, the previous 90 days', 90 days in the same period last year and the average sales made in 90 days.

The main reason for this upgrade, however, is to announce the release of our 76 page pdf User Manual. There is a link from the Main Screen's Help drop down menu. You can also download the 14mb file from here. You can also view the same file (albeit with greyscale screenshots) by clicking here.